Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

1 thought on “Kehinde Wiley exhibit closes at The Huntington Jan. 3

  1. Thank you for bringing this new -still living artist to our attention.

    Far too often we don’t realize there are very talented artists living in our current time.

    Wow is that amazing the intricate work of letting the background pattern show through the chiffon sleeve and the incredible detail of the collar trim ! Was that a case of eyes imagining chiffon, no it is transparent. WOW ! You can see through that sleeve!!

    The Attention to detail makes you wonder what does she see in the distance? What is she thinking about? Is this a special occasion ?

    This image of Mrs.Siddons certainly will be a delight to see in person, she looks so really sitting there!

    When we think the artists of yesteryear we think of older men who spent decades crafting their skills long long ago, but this is the work of a young man still in his painting years.

    Imagine one day generations from today Kehinde Wiley may be considered one of the “Old Masters”.

    Again thank you for encouraging us to discover.

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