Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

3 thoughts on “Word on the Streets: Is the Inglewood Mayor Impersonating a Police Officer

  1. I know that cops are allowed to register their vehicles to their department address.That’s for their safety in case someone who’ve they’ve had an interaction with catches them driving their personal vehicle. They don’t want them finding out their home address. The other side of this is that if a cop ever runs their plates, it’ll show that the car is registered to a police department. Cops are expected to let each other go if this happens. I believe that this courtesy is extended to vehicles that belong to other members of the household.

    I don’t know if this courtesy is extended during retirement or to other city officials. Either way, the vehicle is not supposed to be registered to the department. I’ve know a few in my life who had cars still registered in their names. They just used the department address. I actually register my cars to my P.O. Box.

    If he is in fact allowed to drive a city vehicle that’s registered to the department then I hope that all parties sue him and the city. I hope that he gets sued either way

  2. He’s doing a lot more than this. His actual title should be Chief Butts. Since when does a Mayor make public statements for a chief at a press conference? Keep going… You’re on the right track …

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