Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

1 thought on “Word on the Streets: Former U.S. Rep prepares for political comeback

  1. Perhaps we should desire better rather than the another chorus of musical chairs.Laura Richardson’s past years as a “public servant” include decisions we should all find offensive.
    Ethics violations impact us all .
    Someone who Misrepresents, withholds critical information,fails to disclose where her campaign contributions come from, pressures staff to campaign for her, fails to pay mortgage for over a year while receiving a salary in pre-pandemic years, destroys evidence, and is found guilty of witness tampering certainly has already shown us what her values are!
    Rather than voting for a familiar name let’s remember why that name sounds familiar.
    There must be someone out there who has some integrity, who believes and practices transparency.
    Let us remember that old saying : when people show you who they are – we need to believe our eyes rather than their words.
    Perhaps we should shock everyone and not re-elect politicians known for falsehoods and half truths and other offensive behavior.

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