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16 thoughts on “Word on the Streets: Compton Unified Teacher Walkout

  1. Admin of this blog is still in denial. All the other credible media resources are reporting that teachers are fighting for medical benefits, pay raise, and lower class sizes.

    1. How many of the commenters are in the negotiation room or regurgitating what union heads are telling you?

  2. Compton schools are what they are today because of dedicated, committed and hard-working teachers and NOT because of Mr. Brawley. Don’t you think we deserve RESPECT? We are asking for a FAIR contract. We invite you to come to our schools and see all the wonderful things teachers are doing with and for their students. I guarantee that you will have a different perspective about us.

  3. That is absolutely false! It is not a handful of teachers protesting. I do not know who your close sources are in the negotiations but they are incorrect. Teachers are fighting for a fair contract.

    “The CEA, in the nature of fiscal transparency, has requested from the CUSD, copies of the contracts for the Superintendent and Executive Cabinet members.

    Twice the CUSD has denied our requests for fiscal transparency, deeming that our requests were not relevant to negotiations. The district “…fails to see how the information being requested [the Superintendent’s and Executive Cabinet’s most recent contracts] is relevant…” to bargaining.

    When the Superintendent is making claims of “fairness” and “fiscal responsibility”, we find it troubling that the Superintendent and his Executive Cabinet have given themselves multiple raises in the past 3 years where the CEA has only received one raise in over a decade.”

    At the November 10, 2015 School Board meeting, the CUSD Board of Trustees approved new contracts for Darin Brawley, Alejandro Alvarez, and Dr. Abimbola Ajala.

    We are fighting for a raise and medical benefits. Teachers are paying up to $700-$800 a month for medical out of pocket. While Brawley gets over $20,000 a year for his medical benefits. We are also fighting for lower class sizes. The district is only offering a 2% raise, however, any agreed upon amount provided to
    CEA can be taken away. The district also wants to increase the school day. In effect, we will be taking a pay cut. More work for less money.

      1. Why has my other posts been deleted?

        Superintendent Brawley makes more money than the LA mayor, gets a second raise, yet there’s no money for teachers. Teachers who spend their own money to supply for their students. Teachers have to pay $600-$800 a month out of their own pocket for medical benefits for a family, yet Brawley gets over $20,000 a year for his health benefits. Teachers are in it for the students, otherwise why would they continue working in Compton when in Long Beach they would be making over $400 more a month plus not having to pay for medical. Teachers are there for the students, but they have families, bills, and they have to eat too.

      2. Your source needs to look into where all the CUSD money is going to. Perhaps on the Superintendent’s housing, raises, etc. It’s time for the district to become transparent on issues such as those mentioned.

        1. Sources say only a handful of the Filipino teachers settled their issues with the district, the hold up is the rest of them.

          1. It’s not what the negotiations is about. Teachers are fighting for a fair contract which includes a raise, better medical benefits, and lower class sizes.

            Even the district is not saying anything about retirement issues. Yes, I am part of the Compton union.

            Look at ABC7 news today. Another teacher sickout about raises, benefits, and better working conditions.

            1. Believe that to be true, however, a vital sticking point also includes those teachers w/o retirement.

              1. No, it’s not. The main sticking point is health benefits. This is coming from a Compton union representative member.

  4. That is not correct, teachers are fighting for pay increase, classroom reductions mainly in special education, and health care benefits. A large majority of teaches are paying over 10% of their salary. This retirement issue is not a factor!

      1. https://youtu.be/1zbMsSLadNc

        Here’s a video from a parent from Tuesday’s protest outside CUSD district offices. It shows teachers protesting. The union president right in the middle. Not one sign about retirement benefits for a handful of teachers.

        Parents are supporting the teachers. They are outraged at the salary and how much teachers have to pay for health benefits.

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