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10 thoughts on “Word on the Streets: Compton Unified Edition

  1. How can Mr. Davis claim to be against charter schools? Isn’t he being endorsed by the Charter School Association? Has Mr. Davis been caught in another lie?

  2. Although the comment trend, on this article, brings up unverifiable allegations, it is clear that the residents (voters) don’t believe the innuendo about Mr. Davis and continue to elect to every voting authority in the city.

    2UrbanGirls believes the voters should elect their representatives, not the board appointing who they want.

    Mr. Davis is up for re-election in 2017 and hopefully his current position won’t hurt him. He is adamant his decision is about kids yet 2UG would rather him use his position and knowledge to support a candidate with similar ideology to him as oppose to trying to win another seat with the sole purpose of keeping someone else off. It’s almost as if he thinks he knows better than the voters…

  3. Oh come on! How idiotic and ridiculous are we now going to make this? This does not even pass the smell test. Mr. Charles Davis is doing the same thing he did when he placed an initiative on the ballot ensuring that the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department would be the only agency to patrol the streets of Compton. It is costing the citizens of Compton dearly – now and into the unforeseen future.

    I commend this site for bringing it to the attention of the Compton’s residents.

    He states his reasoning for this unethical and immoral move is that he “hates” charter schools and wants to protect the progress Compton Unified School District has made. Other than believing and promoting his own press releases exactly what progress is he talking about? The recent release of Compton’s test scores tell another story of this supposed progress.

    Allow the voters to decide if they want charter schools or not. Make your case against it, but you have no right to undertake such an underhanded maneuver to force your will sneakingly on the voters. What is so vicious and disgusting is that Mr. Davis knows he can only get away with this in Compton.

    But again this is the way Mr. Davis has always done things. Look at how long he was a member of the Board of Trustees for the Compton Community College District before he bolted. It was about power and control. He soon found out the state had all of the power. If he was so concerned about the welfare of the college why did he not fight for community control? I challenge the citizens to question the sexual harassment complaints that were made against him while Compton’s City Clerk. Ask him about his former website activities.

    If this diabolical scheme is allowed to take place, Compton’s voters will be deprived of a crucial vote and voice of elected representation. This clearly would be a miscarriage of justice. How dishonest is this to the Latino and black voters?

    Mr. Davis was a beneficiary of black voter support when he first won elected office in Compton. So let me emphasize the word “elected.” He was not appointed. He was elected. Mr. Davis should be made to respect the electoral process and not run circles around it.

    Shame on us if we allow this to take place. And if it does Compton will deserve its fate. And it won’t be a pretty one.

    1. The city of Compton pays less for police services now than if it had its own department staffed at the same level as when the CPD was disbanded. Charles Davis along with a few citizens fought the college bond because there was no local elected board over site. If you check the record the state EEOC board found no sexual harassment, these claims we politically motivated by other elected officials that Mr. Davis worked with. Charles Davis does not hate charter school, he has said they have their place, he even voted for one a few months ago at a board meeting. Through fact finding it has been determined that at least three candidates in the school board race have been funded by people WHO have vested interest in charter schools. Our schools have been failing for at least the last 20 years, it is going to take more than four years to turn test scores around. Charles Davis has stated on many occasions it is not about the adults, it is about the kids.

      1. It’s clearly a slippery slope for Mr. Davis to fake like he’s legitimately running for a seat when his term is not expired. He probably wion’t spend a dime and if/when he wins, it creates an opportunity to appoint someone in his own open seat. Even if it is legal, there’s a call to question about his integrity and misrepresenting his intentions to the voters.

        1. Integrity seems to no longer count anywhere. I hope I am not simply being too cynical. We keeping hearing and reading how important the children are, yet our elected officials in Compton do the opposite.

          My problem is not with how a person votes once elected. It is – in fact- how they always misrepresent their true intentions.

        2. These good citizens that are throwing stones at mr. Davis, should be taking a very close look at some of the other candidates in this race. At least two of them don’t live in the district and only recently registered to vote here, take a list of the candidates and go to the county register recorders office to verify when they and where they came from. At least half do not have kids or grand kids in the district. Some want to go back to the way it was, when contracts were let to friends and family and you did not need teaching crenditialis, those days are gone. It is time for the real game players to be exposed and to stop pimping our city and district to serve their own interests. Mr. Davis Should receive all of our support and votes for standing up to these snakes.

          1. I don’t read in any of the posts where anyone is throwing stones at Charles Davis. I have known Mr. Davis for years and consider him the – Dean – of Compton’s elected officials. Although I respect the current office he holds, the position he is now taking is quite disturbing. Mr. Davis knows how to voice his dissent against those that you describe as snakes. He has done it for years with a powerful voice, but to circumvent the right of Compton voters to elect a person of their choice for the upcoming school board election doesn’t represent him well or his legacy.

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