Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

5 thoughts on “Word on the Streets: Compton swearing-in turns petty

  1. Perhaps residents should ask that a third party conduct elections no not the same ballot counting contract that has been used but an entirely different company. Perhaps it is time for a recall and anyone but Alita campaign. Watch out however for those family ties that blind voters

  2. OMG!

    We must be about the city of Compton’s business, rather than repeating this petty behavior displayed in the previous administration.

    The Clerk’s office has a duty and responsibility to carry out a fair and equitable swearing-in process for ALL elected officials regardless of the City Clerk’s personal views.

    I dod not know that the job description for City Clerk changed, whereby, the elected position now yields unfairness, lack of professionalism, disrespect and.displaying partial behavior for elected officials,

    Remember, the Clerk’s position is an elected position by the people of Compton. We do expect better from the City Clerk!

    Vernell, thank you for your professionalism, humility, grace and respect for carrying out the duties of swearing in Mayor Emma Sherif and serving the city of Compton.

  3. It’s a horrible shame that woman is such a dirty rotten thief who has refused for years to allow the people of Compton the right to have justice at the ballot boxes. She hasn’t been in a runoff election since she’s been in office for almost 30 years, because she has all say about election issues. Alita Godwin is the reason Compton is in the 3rd world condition, because she only allows paying candidates to win elections.
    She was illegally training her son to take her seat, but was caught and had to stop.
    My prediction was she would have had Aja Brown’s candidates to win their seats and appoint her son to her seat after she resigned!
    Yes, quiet and very shady. She doesn’t realize that God always win! That’s her favorite saying, not realizing that it’s her nice husband’s name, and not hers.

    1. She is playing shady games with Compton again under the hands of Aja Brown.

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