Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

7 thoughts on “Compton mayor won’t seek third term

  1. Aja Brown…I don’t wish bad on you or your family…Our Seniors vote you in office … you lied to gain control of all City Grants including every non profit organization in Compton and the Community never seen a dime …God is going to punish you for beening so deceitful and disrespectful …Look how she left the city looking because she couldn’t another Bond pass like $48 mil…????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Thank you Aja for doing the right thing . Ever since you have come to Compton it’s been crazy.
    You are nothing more than evil and mean spirited, you are nothing more than hateful, petty and embarrassing.
    I wish you peace with your soul searching…. I’m grateful you’re going!

  3. The damage is already done.
    1. Measure P (sales tax) – no sunset clause by the way
    2. Pissing off the Sheriffs
    3. Supporting incompetent City Management
    4. Supported The destruction of departments, city layoffs. No other neighboring cities fell for the BS from Craig Corndouche and company
    5. Supported a bullshit fiscalbudget that was seriously a joke and supported city management for their “good job”.
    6. Aja Brown – You can’t take the criticism. It’s politics. The good will be with the bad. You can’t always have the last word but on a long enough timeline, NO ONE really gives a shit.

    Aja Brown. I really need to ask. What the FUCK happened to you??!!!!! You were suppose to be the young and shiny maiden who’d right the wrong. Clean the shit from Compton. Support and hire competent management staff.

    What you’ve done is this… you kept focusing on YOUR shit, not the citizens SHIT. You allow City Management to run wild while you only cared about your agenda. It’s not a fucking trade off.
    If YOU don’t know, hiring and promoting city staff has become a JOKE. I love you Marilyn Balmer but you old retired need to get the fuck out of Compton. You’re a stooge and you know it. You actions as being in charge of HR will have consequences that will last after you retire for good in 90 days or whatever.

    Sign off on bullshit contracts like Screaming Eagles. I hope the next city management team comes in and do a thorough investigation and audit of the company and lay off those stupid city employees who are complicit in being a part of it.

    Supported The bullshit budget. We in pandemic so we got less general funds and need to layoff people BUT we got money from Measure for these projects. The joke is on the citizens. Anyone try that BS in Beverly Hills or Pasadena. Your city management team would be shown out the door.

    In parting, I guess I can say you tried. And it just wasn’t you. Some of the stuff that happens in the City is also to be blamed on your other colleague in the Dias. It was exciting when you arrived but it seems like you’ve left as a worn out tired old lady.

    Best of luck in the future.

  4. Time for change, we’ve been held captive long enough. COMPTON is our home; HOME GROWN, NOT HOME FLOWN! FLY BACK TO PASADENA, ENOUGH DAMAGE IS DONE. LEAVE OUR MONEY!

  5. Heard the rumor this weekend but waiting to hear it come out the horses’s mouth. So question. Why pull papers in the first place? What changed her mind only after pulling the papers? Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. Aja knows
    She is a joke, pretending to be a leader. During her 2tetms in office only represents her immaturity, selfishness, liar and false Christianity.
    She knows the community see ‘s her BS…. thank god she’s not running!
    Also, Michelle the community has spoken loud and clear…. it doesn’t matter if the recall we’ll be apart of the upcoming elections; the point is 2,800 resident want you gone.

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