Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

13 thoughts on “Word on the Streets: Compton Mayor has new city manager candidate lined up

  1. Aja Brown was the biggest liar and manipulator Compton has ever seen.
    She came here on a ball face lye,; her grandmother was brutally rape and murder, her grandmother died
    In a old folks home.
    She is truly the devil in the blue dress. So glad your evil ass is gone!

  2. Community trust that if Emma appoint liar & crook Micheal Antwine , she will not sit in her sit for four years.
    Emma, is part of the problem; she has no back bone.
    I rather see Omar Bradley as interim city manager.

  3. New to this city this is scary as hell. Get someone in office that knows what to do.

  4. Wow, and the town’s people thought I was bad to the City government!
    Galvan and Bowers need to rehire a real and educated/no nonsense HR Director, Kareem Bradford to vent and get qualified people in positions.
    Understand, Emma doesn’t have the authority to hire, pick, or anything else for city manager! She, like other council members can suggest!
    Of the 2 assistant managers he knows more. Fire the other, for her role in forgiving her husban’s misconduct as a conflict of interest .
    Watch Michael very closely until you get someone like Barbara Kilroy or David Hewitt for interim city manager while looking for a permanent one nationwide.

    1. That nigga is also one of Compton’s Assistant City Manager ????

      1. I’ve read enough of your NIGGA posts, you are the NIGGA we don’t need, Nigga’s like YOU.

        1. Ms. Van Brown stop…we know it’s you.
          When the baby due!!

  5. Message to Mayor Sharif and Council Members:
    Please conduct yourselves as Reformers, rather than continuing making habitual decisions as before.

    Antwine was working in the Controller’s Office as a key individual that should have identified that tax payers monies were being stolen, but he did not, but left the city. Aja gave her blessing and brought him back as Asst. City Manager, with no experience. His father-in-law is Mr Haley, former City Manger) that was fired under Aja’s administration. Apparently, he was not authorized fo allow tax payers funds to be used to promote Measure P (sales tax to fix the streets). However, he defied the council and released several thousands of dollars at Aja’s request.

    Come on, Mayor snd Council, do we have to have another repeat of Craig Cornwell. Mayor and Council still have not yet change their behavior and the cultural of doing business is still the same.

    Jonathan, please repeat what you said about walking in integrity and transparency. It appears that certain council members did not listen to you.

  6. Stop with the same dumb shit….Emma come on you retard, look at Antwine last job, the refuse to extend his contract….got dam Emma can for once think for your self.
    Stop recycling bull shit.
    I promise you will not make your four dumb ass.
    Emma, don’t think for a second you were chosen as the best candidate ; no my dear we couldn’t afford to hand the city over to another Aja Brown.
    Emma go sit down dumb ass!

  7. To enact real reform you must replace the entire corrupt and incompetent pseudo management team… Triphenia, Mario, Antwine! You won’t change the culture until you change the schemers!

  8. Anon. If Mayor Sharif select Michael Antwine as City Manager the City is still in the same hands of Craig Cornwell and Aja Brown as they are all on the same team.

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