Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

9 thoughts on “Word on the Streets: Compton councilman house raided by District Attorney’s office

  1. Neither of the candidates are without issue. Galvan is the lessor of two problem candidates. Piss drunk is better than piss high

    1. I beg to differ; at least when you are piss high you can be more approachable; when you piss drunk there is very little reasonable dialog. That’s why it’s called ignant juice. (short for ignorant)

  2. Isaac Galvan was present this morning at a food giveaway and says the rumors are false. He was on video giving out food.

  3. Do you honestly think the seniors of Compton want to be represented by a drug abuser. Andre do you want to win that BAD!

    1. Ohh!! But it is OK to be represented by someone who gets pissy drunk at an important council event and who is rumored to be under investigation. Pardon me, but can the pot really talk about the kettle???

  4. It’s weird how can somebody win with no advertisement or campaigning. And it’s true District 2 has been the most neglected district since he came on. Nothing has been fixed.

    Answers are needed.

  5. Galvan has done nothing for District 2. We need someone who will at least try to make the eastside of Compton look decent.

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