Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

4 thoughts on “Word on the Streets: Compton

  1. One more name comes to mind, if he’s interested, Judge Kelvin Filer. The Filer family is one of the most trusted in Compton politics. Maxcy was and is his father. Former Compton City Councilman who walked his district almost daily. IDK if he’d be interested since he’s been on the bench for a number of years, yet, even from there, highly respected. His dad’s in the Guiness Book of World Records for the number of times he took the bar exam and failed, until he finally passed it. The former UPN show, “Sparks” was based, loosely, on their law firm and several of the Filers went to law school and passed the State Bar exam. Eric Perrodin went to Loyola Law School while serving as a CPD officer and also passed the State Bar on his first taking of the test. But as someone stated, he loved his present position and I’m not sure if he’d be willing to leave to run for public office again in the city. Makes more as a Deputy DA anyway. Tough to find qualified people for specialties such as this area, even though civil law and criminal are not necessarily interchangeable. The Pat Moore thing, however, is somewhat scary, in that what she did was still a shock. Penance paid, perhaps, but it’s just like considering Mr. Bradley for mayor again. Don’t we have time to consider other possible choices, even if they are from outside the city. Integrity is one thing we seem to have a shortage of, and those with clean backgrounds tend to not want to get involved with messy political doings here. Not to say that I blame them. Once burned, twice shy. Ms. Moore’s dealing with the LaTasha Harlins matter, still bring bad memories of how the family got used for political and personal glory, so I’d pass on that. Seems she’s selling real estate now, or under someone else’s license, I don’t have the particulars, but I noted her name listed on one property near my street, and she remembers who I am. I used to work for the city doing public affairs programming for channel 36 when she served on the CC, and we’d always get requests for duplicate tapes of recent meetings we recorded, until things went sideways with Basil Kimbrew, Mike Aloyan and the trash contract. Rolls Royce and all disappeared when she went to Club Fed for the bribery, but Basil didn’t get any time for being the courier of the bribe. I think we’ve been down this road enough. Somehow, I can’t help thinking there’s someone out there, unidentified, who we should look at, with clean hands this time, for a change. I know it’s hard, but it’s the right thing to do if we really want to move forward. Forgiveness, yes, Bible says it. But based on past performance, I’d pass on the willingness of certain ones to serve for the present. They seem to always come back to Compton when things, they think, have cooled down, as if there’s nowhere else to go. Like some car chases seen on the news, they always try to run home, and they get caught, almost 100% of the time. Lions have teeth, so you don’t stick your head in the mouth. Sigfried & Roy had to learn the lesson the hard way too. We should be a bit smarter…but are we? IDK Thanks for the time here…

  2. Great to hear someone else will be running for city attorney. I am tired of seeing blighted buildings, code enforcement not being taken seriously by the some property owners, gangs members blocking city sidewalks. I do believed he will be hard on criminal. I remember when on the streets the word was that there was a zero tolerance at the new shopping center and he said it. I do feel safe in that shopping center 99 percent of the time.

  3. I do not know Pat Moore but I do know Eric Perrodin. He would be a very strong City Attorney and would be good at enforcing the Charter and the laws. My concerns are twofold. First, Mr. Perrodin really loves his current job as a prosecutor and I don’t know if he is willing to make this big change at this point in his life. Next, his expertise is in criminal law, but much of what happens in the City Attorney’s office deals with contracts and civil issues and I don’t know how much background he has in those areas. I do know that I would support him if he chose to run to replace Craig Cornwell.

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