Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

18 thoughts on “Word on the Streets: Candidates lining up against Compton Councilman

  1. I honestly want the whole Council to be revamped and they need people who are vested in the City and know what they are doing Problem is we let to many people in that have no experience,ethics or political education! We need a new Mayor all council seats rehired,clerk,attorney , manager and more this city is trash and it’s only as trashy as the inconsistent, cliquesh people who run it! Had I know this I would have never bought in this City police don’t care neither do people put in position, too many illegals happening but taxes continue to rise,streets get worse,robbery and death rates rising and more! We speaking on who will run the city and how long they been here what changes will they make? Once in how consistent will they be? Will they actual be a benefit to the city are the paycheck to them?

  2. That poor little city will never change. Liberals and country southern fried negroes have destroyed that town since the 1960s.

    1. Excuse me. Your sheet are showing. Let me remind you however, WE negroes are here to stay and it not a damn thing you can do about it. You should have surely picked your own damn cotton. STILL WE RISE.

  3. Skyy Fisher would be an extremely horrible choice. To suggest that he is an “independent” thinker is laughable to all who have worked with him. He is not astute nor does he filter information. He pursues what is popular, not what is right. Mr. Fisher is a poor man’s version of Micah Ali; an individual that consistently looks out for himself and is seeking these opportunities to further his interests. If his interests happen to coincide with the city at certain times, that is coincidence and not by design. The problem is that Mr. Fisher, like Mr. Galvan, have achieved very little in their personal careers and these are their highlights (despite what this article attempts to puff). Those type of individuals rarely can lead. We need leaders who do not approach the City Council as the pinnacle of success in their life but as a calling to passionately carry a difficult torch. Those individuals, at our local setting, tend to have achieved personal success already (outside of government and special interests) and do not need these positions to feel like they have accomplished something…allowing them to be true servants. They are not looking to be rewarded for their position, they have received rewards in other areas and do not hunger for it in politics. That is what befell Mr. Galvan and Mr. Fisher. Their personal successes are very, very thin. So they want to excel at the expense of the taxpayer. My last point about Mr. Fisher is this; the very same people that this city voted OUT are the ones he is loyal to. Very select people have his ear and he listens to those voices. And you can rest assure it is not the voice of the common good.

    Mr. Fisher’s political career was derailed because he raped a man not because he was gay.

    1. say what you want. i followed this story. they was in a bad relationship. what straight man allows this to happen without kicking fishers ass? i think it happened and it happened more than a few times and he liked it. look at west hollywood these homo lovers fight go to jail then be back together after bail post. now gascon going to make sure no bail is posting before they fuckin again

  4. I live in compton and If I had to vote right now I would be thinking. Galvan might be on his way to jail. Fisher has been to jail. Spicer would have been in jail had it not been for his mother working for the district attorney. Galvan has been a councilman for 8 years and had no prior policy or legislative experience. Fisher had been a school board trustee for 4 years and prior seemed to have had a lot of policy and legislative experience. Spicer has never served in any legislative role until he landed his current job a year ago. Is Compton looking for experience in getting the city up to speed or what? It’s Galvan or Fisher for me! I don’t know about any other compton people but i’m tired of inviting my people to a raggedly city to visit me.

  5. I live in district 2, never heard of either one if them. I guess they do not live in District 2. But I do know Galvsn needs to go!!!!

    1. Be careful who you wish for. If you like the crap from Compton now be thankful for the mayor and Michelle chambers, and Andre spicer would fit nicely in also with the shit happening in Compton.

      I think you need to see the difference between policies and a ltheperson. Galvan might not be the most upright person BUT at least he questions what the hell is going on in Compton.

      1. Fact! Out of the 3 choice with no political experience it’s better to keep what you have until better comes along instead voting for someone who doesn’t have Citizen and Community interest at heart..Everyone is self serving themselves it show with there Lifestyle..Especially the Mayor

  6. “IF” I lived in the 2nd. district, I wouldn’t vote for either one of them. Waiting to see who else throws their hat in the ring.

    1. Does 2Urbangirls have to focus on candidates they believe have the best chance? Sounds more like focusing on the candidate that paid you the most.

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