Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

4 thoughts on “Word on the Streets: Another church comes to Inglewood

  1. They can’t afford to continue with construction because all of the money is gone. Same issues that caused him to lose the 49th and Main Ediface. Where is Betty Pleasant when you need her.

  2. Pastor Joel Anthony Ward was not misquoted in that article. He said
    the same to me when I sought him out in person, and I told him that that
    was what he said—and that if he feels differently he was free to write a
    letter to clarify the issue. He refused, saying, “If I write a letter
    and you print it, someone is going to have an issue with it.”

    also keeps insisting that the Chronicle is the Wave and that he
    distrusts the media. I suppose that on that logic, he is Youth Pastor
    Troyvoi (aka: “Bobby”) Hicks of Faithful Central Baptist Church:

    Word to the pastor: you are moving into our community, and if
    this is way you are going to treat its residents, it’s not going to be
    an easy relationship.

    1. Ingewood awarded a contract to “A-MAN, Inc.” that isn’t listed with the Secretary of State. What’s up with that???

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