Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

2 thoughts on “Will a Grand Jury be convened in latest cannabis inquiry?

  1. Are we sick and tired of Compton politicans yet? Is it not obvious where their loyalties lie? Their loyalties are certainly NOT with the city of Compton or Compton residents. It is LONG past time for voters to let them ALL know that we as residents and taxpayers will no longer turn a blind eye to their continued corruption and incompetence. Vote to remove each and every one of them at election time. When we know better we can do better!

  2. Oh my, does Mayor Brown believe the only time local laws should be enforced is if it generates revenue ?
    When quality of life issues which are important to residents take a back seat to revenue increases this city will soon to be a much less desirable place to live.
    The city has attorneys perhaps they can figure out how to enforce the people’s will .
    Of course the tried and often works “they are picking on us – others get to do wrong” plea of the law firm is about as junior high as it comes. Would that logic work if an explosives company set up shop?

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