Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

3 thoughts on “What more can the Compton mayor do

  1. The City Council, consisting of the Mayor and four Councilpersons, are responsible for the protection of the citizens of Compton. But they refuse to provide adequate law enforcement for those citizens. Compton has 100,000 residents, but also has 10,000 known gang members. 10% of our population. The cities contract with LASD only provides for 79 deputies to patrol the streets of Compton. And those 79 deputies are divided into shifts, days off, sick days, desk duty days, and sick days, etc. Just maybe, we may have 25 deputies on the streets of Compton at any given time. With this few deputies all they can do is ‘react’ after something has happened. And our city manager, Roger Haley, wants to ‘negotiate’ to lower the cost of the contract which would reduce the numbers and services of deputies. But with 100 or more deputies (standard recommendations), they just may be able to be ‘proactive’ to provide “Community Policing” which has been proven to reduce crime in cities where “Community Policing” takes place. I spent more than two years as a volunteer with LASD Compton Station and I know first hand how they work. They are drastically understaffed for a city the size and with the problems of Compton. I would urge the citizens to demand more deputies be put on the streets of Compton.

  2. Communication and synergy is needed. It’s true that the Compton USD and the City are independent of each other..but they can and should take joint responsibility for things such as truancy, dropouts and youth activities simply due to the fact that all off these things can be related to crime. What’s good for the school district should be good for the city and vice versa. They should be advocates for one another. If they must be rivals…be a team of rivals, always ending with what’s best for the city.
    As for crime, I can’t fault the Mayor on effort. Many plans and programs were offered up or put in place, but others in the city dragged their feet including some councilmembers and former city managers. But the Mayor can be faulted for not seeking consensus beforehand and sometimes blindsiding her colleagues. Crime has increased since the Violence Reduction Network was introduced. That team includes FBI, DEA, ATF,Sheriffs and US Marshalls. There is no way that should happen. Why did they want in to Compton? Why did we let them in (at a time when the Mayor was saying crime was down)? Being a better communicator as opposed to “correcting” people all the time would help. Getting to know the community is the “more” she can do. Many feel disrespected and there are many who won’t give her the chance to disrespect us again.

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