Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

1 thought on “Were Inglewood Unified School District administrators involved in corruption coverup

  1. Corruption seems to be the norm! Those who know of wrong doing refuse to do anything about wrong . Cressida -Green Washington Davis is but one example of unqualified being handsomely rewarded across the friend and family elected network SEE JOSE FERNANDEZ CENTINELA SCHOOL DISTRICT. The corrupt have their fan clubs, who protect, run interference, destroy documents for, and enable continuous wrong doing. Consider: the false address issues of Board members , the suspension of Law License of Thomasina Reed, the stolen textbook scandal that the Boardmembers refused to act on until Nothern California Police got involved or ask why there has NEVER been a full accounting of the Measure K. $133,000,000.00 Bond money and the matching Federal and State funds?.
    The education of Inglewood’s children has, in the last thirty years., often taken back burner to awarding expensive contracts to favored friends, or employing unqualified relative.

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