Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

1 thought on “Watts icon endorses TWO candidates for the SAME Senate seat

  1. The problem with the Successor Agency is Dr. Kofi. Ever since this man was put in charge of the CRA and now the ‘Agency’, he has cost the city millions of dollars. While director of the CRA he couldn’t buy these properties fast enough. He said he had developers for these properties but five years later, these properties are still vacant lots. He knocked down houses, a business and a church to get one large property and now can’t get anyone to develop it. But one problem I have is West Alondra Park. Every city is required to have a certain percentage of ‘green space’, and when Compton was lacking, the property now referred to as West Alondra Park, was purchased and now Kofi has that on his for sale list. Monies were allocated to develop the amenities for this park but were spent for other things. Five minutes before the ‘Agency’ was to vote to approve this list the City Attorney presented a thick packet of papers to each of the members. This packet ‘allegedly’ was from the State DOF but the public never got to see the information. After a closed session discussion the item was approved but I have no idea if corrections were made or not.

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