Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

3 thoughts on “Virginia’s first black female police chief says she was forced to resign

  1. Interesting…I worked for retired now Interim Chief Seabrooks and she did talk publicly about changing IPD culture and handling OIS incidents. And a lot of things changed at IPD but then I guess you wouldn’t/couldn’t give her credit for that.

    1. How did we get on Seabrooks? But if we wanna talk about her, she had no choice re: OIS because I believe there were multiple incidents over a six month period. On the other hand, I believe any woman who stands up to Butts should be commended. She also promoted hard working officers, and I would have loved to see her run for Sheriff of LA County.

  2. What a joke, yea it’s a race thing. Oh wait, they hired you, were you a different race then? Employers usually give you a choice, resign or we fire you. If she wants to call that forced then so be it. She is better off with a resignation on her record than a firing.

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