Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

4 thoughts on “USC students shed light on why Blacks aren’t working in construction

  1. This has been a problem for a while. Blacks train at Long Beach & LA Job corps, only to be left out od opportunities because higher ups drop the ball. And union reps over look many African Americans for other ethnic groups.

  2. Let me start by saying I attended the forum with Congresswoman Waters. Where was the Mark Ridgley Thomas (Supervisor) or our Councilman they didn’t even bother to attend. Mrs. Waters she read the letter of invite sent to their offices, and if nothing else the Councilman himself should have been there, this project is right in his front door,(Disrespectful) to his constituents. Yet they set up a meeting suposively with the community but no one was there, I attended that one too because someone called me at the last minute I took a lunch break to attend, so what’s up with the meeting at 11am on a Wednesday. Did they really expect a turnout? that’s suspect right there. They were prepared with this presentation from Metro telling us they are planning to build a boarding school to teach young people about the Transportation Industry, it’s a great idea just not on that corner. I agree with the lady in the post before mine why does our community have to schools everywhere and not represent nice quality stores, pharmacies, eateries etc. What I am most offended by is how the City Council nor the County Supervisor had no intention obviously of conversing with the community until light got shined on that the Renderings they have displayed looks like a institution I’m sorry. So in conclusion let me say this, the community is preparing to approach this in a business like manner we want our needs met and some of our wants if not all before we jump on either side but, Just know we are NOT SLEEPING on this matter. We should not turn our backs on the Sasson Company if they guarantee to deliver what they’ve promised at least they came in with excitement and transparency. Any person (s) or organization which claims to be working for the needs of a community as the County Supervisor Thomas/Councilman Dawson are proclaiming now. Then they must work with the community so that we have a position of strength from which to make our voices heard. This is the significance of empowering the people first. I really do not care for the way our Councilman is moving to the back on this matter it’s like he appears if Mark R. Thomas says it’s ok. This is his District first and foremost and your MIA for 2 meetings the Forum and the County meeting UNACCEPTABLE. To Be Continued.

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