Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

2 thoughts on “Update: Where Is AB 987 Now?

  1. “Although current Inglewood Mayor James Butts is praised for raising property values in Districts 1 and 2, he is also being blamed for steep rents that are forcing long-term residents out of the city they call home.”

    That’s not the way things work. Property owners sell (whether seniors, or people just moving on) properties at a higher value than they paid for the property. The new owners have a higher mortgage and property tax bill than the previous owner did. They need to charge more for the property to cover their costs. And if they improve the property, then it’s fair to charge more still.

    I realize that you would probably like for your landlord to improve the building you live in and not increase the rent. But that’s wishful thinking and we both know it. They have to make money – period. Otherwise the bank forecloses and everyone gets evicted.

    Your position on this is naive and unrealistic.

    1. When buildings/units are upgraded, yes, increased rents are acceptable, however, that is not always the case in INGLEWOOD. Typically my rent rises annually by $25. This year it went up $100. The owner has done ZERO upgrades to justify the increase nor do we have any ammenities or sound proof windows despite living directly under the flight path. As units become vacant, the owner upgrades THOSE units and the rent increases which is understandable.

      Not every renter has an owner that is upgrading so to call me naive and unrealistic means you know nothing about what is going on in MY city.

      With our city not having rent control it is that much easier to increase rent without adding value to the property.

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