Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

3 thoughts on “Update: City of Compton Potholes

  1. It is really disheartening to learn more and more that these people are charlatans that don’t have a clue nor give a damn about Compton’s residence nor the stability. I am so sick of the empty promises. Today, you still coming north, east, west or south that you are entering and or leaving Compton. The hot patch is not working and it a damn shame and a disgrace that any of this fantom conjure receives a paycheck.

  2. This city manager was hired illegally. California Government code 1090 states that a former elected official must wait one year before they can be hired as an employee by the same agency. And, his contract is also illegal. He is getting paid the salary for city manager, and is also getting paid consulting fees as an attorney at the same time.

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