Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

14 thoughts on “Universal Basic Income payments begin flowing to Compton residents

  1. How does Weed and Marijuana relate ?

    Absolutely an ill informed and virtually racist disposition

  2. I once declared all roads in Compton lead to and from marijuana. Now how did Universal Basic Income end up with a discussion on marijuana? Second, how random is random selection? I’m betting it is not given the “batch” approach. Third, a program benefits 800 will buy the vote of some not all. Fourth, this program serves a few while we are left asking what happened to the COVID money was supposed to benefit all? Fifth, we warned the person came up with this program that he would be ecclipsed in the press if he got into bed with Aja…and he was. Sixth, good luck to those “chosen.”

    1. We believe that legal cannabis will become a reality, at some point, in Compton and other surrounding cities. If CSUDH was given millions to “study” the economic impact of legalization, and it is currently being sold, the best thing for cities to do is create a way to benefit from the revenue. I suggest chatting with Dr. Samad at the CSUDH Dymally Institute about the study and would it could mean for the city.

  3. If Aja is apart of this, the residents will never benefit; she is not about helping others, she is all about self gain.
    Since she has been in this city no one has prospered from her leadership except Aja.
    Look what happen to the Northern Bay Area mayor Tubbs this was his baby and residents got feed up with his selfishness and voted him out, which the residents are planning to do to Aja.

    1. I have nothing against cities wanting to raise revenue with legal marijuana, but I have issue when cities have been blighted with crack cocaine, gang and murders. Extra money or revenue for a problem cities creates a bigger problem…territory and illegal marijuana places, etc. Cities like Compton experience bad, selfish leadership and always mismanaging tax payers money.

      Compton uphold your marijuana dispensary ban!

  4. Iam on unemployment trying to pay my bills it is hard for me to do this it would be a blessing for me and my wife if I am pick

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