Sat. Sep 18th, 2021

1 thought on “Tobacco referendum gaining momentum and signatures

  1. Flavored vape juice saved my life, after smoking over a pack of cigarettes every day for 35 years. CA Senator Hill erred when he included vape juice products with combustible cigarettes in his bill. He knew that vaping DOES NOT cause cancer or heart disease. He also knew that products manufactured by Big Pharma are largely ineffective at getting smokers to quit. Recent peer reviewed studies have shown vaping to be 83% more effective at getting smokers to quit. Sen. Hill MUST be getting payed off by pharmaceutical companies to outright LIE to have gotten his bill to pass.

    I am very disappointed that the vaping industry did not start the referendum to stop SB793. Instead the tobacco industry did, which is not going to help voters choose to save the vaping industry.

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