Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

4 thoughts on “The Soulvine updates us on the 54th and 62nd Assembly District Races

  1. Wait hold up, why so much lambasting Autumn Burke yet so much support for Sebastian Ridley-Thomas? Autumn and Sebastian are both riding on their parents political fame, at least Autumn has gotten a few jobs on her own and started her own organization. EVERY JOB Sebastian has had since college was given to him by his father… every legislative job, campaign manager job, every big mac at Mc Donalds. Is Sebastian running for Assembly or his father… really just step back and look at both candidates, what have they done (not their parents) in the community they are seeking to represent? This is what you should really be calling History Repeating itself!

    1. If we look at both Autumn and Sebastian, Sebastian clearly has been involved in more “boots on the ground” type of work, while Autumn has worked behind the scenes and abroad in her field of work. Autumn has no experience to lean on. If MRT did assist Sebastian, why would we believe Yvonne hasn’t done the same for her daughter?
      Clearly, both are relying on name recognition to lead them to victory, however, if you have to bet on someone, why not a name you can “trust”?
      After attending the candidates forum this past week, the candidates who were versed on issues and could clearly articulate their intentions, were Sebastian and Chris.

      1. I agree with everything Blah is saying… They both are running on their parents name and it’s clear who the 2UrbanGirls are supporting… My question is, how can you come to a conclusion that you trust a name when that name that you trust isn’t the person running and haven’t lifted a finger in the community? Are you trying to write history for someone that doesn’t have history in the community? It sounds like the writer of this article is very bias and don’t have her fact together. Maybe that’s why 2UrbanGirls only have 1 follower, because the people don’t like the bull sh** that you’re trying to push down their throats…

        1. I would have to correct you. We have two followers, you and blah!

          This article is copied verbatim from a weekly soulvine posting, which you can access, by clicking the link inside the article, which will lead you to the full text.

          The Urban Girl

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