Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

1 thought on “The Congressional Black Caucus’ Impeachment Sham Hurts Blacks

  1. This article and those who wrote it is a damn sham. You know absolutely about Black Americans and how we vote and who we will vote for. When did “yall” come to this country. Historically Black Americans have more than 400 years of history behind them. How is Trump good for Black Americans? Obama left the country in very good shape but you haters don’t want to give him credit but we do. What about all the very poor whites throughout this country (far more than Blacks) who voted for Trump and he hasn’t done anything for them. You called out Black Leader so-called? Well, let me tell you who are so-called and unqualified and outright dump, this piece of trash you call a blog, Trump and all those dumb and racist Republicans, who like Trump have and are selling our country, to the highest foreign bidders. They just want to disrupt and old Moscow McConnell said he was going to make President Obama a one-term president? Ha, ha did he mean Trump? Cause that what’s we’re going to do. Why are yall so interested in Black Americans? We know why but you will never ever figure us out and I know it kills yall that there are so many rich Black Americans living their lives on their own terms and could care less about a bunch of racist heathens. Take your sick junk, including your brains, and put it through the eye of a small needle. Bring it!!!

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