Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

6 thoughts on “The city of Compton is on its last legs

  1. I’ve been living in Compton all my life and I’m so fed up with politics promises that they don’t keep its just to get us to vote for him or her and not a Damn thing happens. We’re tax paying people and most of all we’re human with great dignity I’ve been working all my life for a better life and I’m continuing to be slapped in the face with promises. Mrs Aja Brown Shame on you for not honoring your word to improve the City of Compton!!! We need change immediately!! And what happened to the Money that only some of us residents were supposed to receive? And even that’s not right for you to have a lottery pull for that! We all should receive compensation for your lies..

  2. The city is being run on a friends and family plan. Friends and family members are getting jobs and contracts. Hubcity Dre received a business license and CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY in 10 days while other legitimate business owners almost lose their businesses while trying to get past the Building & Safety Dept.

    1. So true I tried applying for parking control and they used a weird website to apply for the job and it was not going through. Other government agencies use but not Compton cause they hire there friends and family. Plus the demographic changed its 80% Hispanic owned property and live in Compton there should be Hispanic leader ship in the city council and major to better assist the growing community of Hispanics.

  3. Thank you for this enlightening and informative piece. There is no doubt that if Mrs. Brown were a boxer she’d be known for her great ability to duck, bob and weave. What is most tragic is that the community was warned by the former Mayor concerning wolves in sheep clothing. It seems, however, that the poor folk in Compton will not learn that fat meat is greasy until they find that the meat in the wolf’s stew is them.

  4. I work for a major telecommunications company in the city of Compton although I don’t live there, I interact with the community seven days a week and I hear their pain. Personally I think the first thing we need to do is bridge the Gap between police and community. Secondly, Compton needs a Townhall meeting, with business owners and residents to collectively work out the issues that are negatively effecting their city. City employees payroll needs to be cut and transparent so that we can get answers to the questions asked. We need to do business with other cities we have a lot of undeveloped land that could turn into opportunities and jobs which of course creates more city revenue which of course makes Compton a better place

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