Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

2 thoughts on “Sweetie Pie’s owner charged with conspiracy in alleged murder for hire plot in the death of his nephew

  1. I know your heart is breaking but our adult children have the same free will that our Lord granted us all and when they use it to cause devastation and tragedy we have to pray for their forgiveness. And in time pray that we can forgive them despite the immeasurable pain they have caused. We can continue to thrive to be the support and love someone else may desperately need.

  2. OMG I Know Ms. Robbie is so devastated. My prayers is truly with her and the family. Ms. Robbie worked so damn hard to give her family the best. Ms. Robbie please don’t think your hard work is all in vain. Because it’s not you are truly champion as well as a BLESSING.

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