Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

3 thoughts on “State calls for audit of the city of Compton

  1. Handcuff Them all Aja Brown,Craig.Damon,Alita,Sanders
    They all are Corrupt!

  2. Like the state audit of the Metropolitan Water District that Gloria Gray runs? About time.

  3. The Bully Crew spent most of their time harassing employees. This was to divert the attention from their incompetence and corrupt management of the tax payers dollars. Get rid of the whole lot of them!

    The current controller comes from the unethical auditing firm who recommended that the former controller who questioned their adits be fired. Now she and two of her firms employees are working for the city of Compton! Love them Compton Retirement benefits. Another perk she works from her Beverly Hills home most of the time.

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