Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

4 thoughts on “State Audit questions City of Compton credit card expenditures

  1. I am having a hard time with this story. How is it the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office could pursue former Mayor Omar Bradley for more than a decade yet when it comes to others turn a blind eye? Clearly, red flags have been going up with the constant turnover of City Controllers. No one can plead ignorance since Robert Ray has constantly banged the podium about the AMEX bills.

    And where is City Treasurer Doug Sanders? He certainly had a keen eye watching everyone else, that is except for his own office. His ineptness and incompetence resulted in the citizens of Compton being robbed of much-needed dollars…millions of dollars.

    Why hadn’t he contacted law enforcement concerning the discrepancies in credit card purchases? Maybe the lack of justification for the expenditure of more than $51,000 is no big deal when your office loses millions.

    None of this makes sense. Even more bewildering is Mayor Brown moving her office to the transit center. Look at what this signals to others wanting to do business with the city of Compton. It gives the impression of a city divided.

    The optics are so bad.

  2. Why did the Mayor move her location to the transit Building.
    Mr. Ray question the Question the Amex card during a City council meeting and no respond.
    As a Long time Resident why haven’t any person submit to the Resident why and who made those Charges on Amex Card.

  3. If folks will remember, I personally questioned some charges on the AMEX card that were being presented to the council for payment. I knew there would be more.

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