Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

5 thoughts on “Small Businesses will be heavily impacted by proposed Crenshaw/Imperial TOD rezoning plan

  1. If people want different city leadership they must vote for it. Silence equals consent. However, the bygone days of sleepy, laid back Inglewood are done and gone. Best to try to stay ahead of the curve and profit on what’s to come.

    1. It is sad that your suggestion to profit is what you consider “ best “. Greed excessive desire for constant profit is what has brought us to this horrible place of taller and newer…..it sounds a lot like the guy who trading up for a younger, firmer, less wrinkled wife for his arm candy ego.

      Not everyone wants a rat race to out-impress or to have the newest . Some of us actually value, treasure, and even desire that we can sit back and enjoy what we chose to be our long term HOME.

      We should not be forced to have to try to stay ahead of a curve and profit.

      Our dreams of peaceful gracious single family homes and families being able to pass their homes to their children (generational homesteading) should not be considered a bygone dream .

      A home worked for, paid for, struggled to find should not be the next developer or Johnny come lately’s doormat to trample and destroy.

      A home isn’t just four walls – it is a place of security, comfort, a place where neighbors are known, where families care for each other’s kids, granny’s and pets with compassion, and love because we as neighbors have become extended family this is a concept that can not be purchased from profits gained at the insultingly low offers not even close to what we would have to pay for a similar home in Westchester or El Segundo and certainly laughable in Manhattan Beach

      So sad you think profit is happiness consider how many millionaires commit suicide.

      Rice, Beans, and Collard Greens shared with great long term neighbors is so much better than champagne, caviar, and Rolex’s with those you constantly must impress.

  2. My question is why there are no plans to install bonafide (READ: Real lanes with dedicated barriers and lights) bus lanes that connect the light rail at 120th/Crenshaw and Prairie/Imperial Hwy terminal to Hollywood Park. Also, there could be designated bus lanes that run from the corner of Crenshaw/Century straight to the LAX light rail. Oh wait, there is a belief that the current light rail does that for the public. No, light rails do not always serve the community and tend to be outdated by the time it is completed. The bus lanes are dedicated lanes with separate lights that bus drivers could activate and not compete with personal drivers. Unfortunately, you will find that many drivers (regardless of race) do not want bus lanes that help those without personal vehicles. Heck, it shows the economic divide between the haves and the have nots regardless of race. But, I think advocates for public buses need to be aggressive in putting an initiative on the City ballot to fund bus lanes. Put the proverbial gun to the citizens’ head to see how committed they are to promoting better traffic, care for the working class, and public transit buses. Otherwise, it is business as usual in Inglewood.

    Another question, is why has no one put an initiative on the ballot create term limits for all elected positions in the City of Inglewood? If you want to end the monarchy, the people need to flex the political will through ballot initiatives.

  3. Don’t ya just admire the way the Mayor tries to put down anyone who asks a legitimate question- that alone should make our personal radar start screaming Don’t Trust This Guy.

    THANK YOU for including the attachment which gives us the opportunity to see many reasons WHY this is such a NOT GOOD group of projects. Those with significant background have asked where are the options, ie the no change and a few alternative options? how is it you have no considerations for local hire? Etc etc.


    This project and the way it has been shepherded thru the process is a smack in the face to anyone who has ever walked for civil rights! Doing everything under the table, behind closed doors, making sure public opinion is stifled if allowed at all, as if we and impact on us, do not matter is an insult to every civil rights leader who has ever walked to give us a vote about our future!


    This project expects future occupants to bike and walk everywhere after they get as close as possible on the metro lines but….. really how many can grocery shop (assuming we get a replacement grocery store though probably one we can not afford) for a family without a car (to shuttle bags home) never mind who watches the kids as mom bikes for the milk. To those who say well “ amazon delivers” don’t those trucks use the same exhaust systems our cars do ? Of course we are to believe all residents will get jobs near a metro stop because again no family will have two parking spaces .. This “plan” is for someone who has never thought about how Los Angeles is different from NEW YORK CITY.

    This is an insult to every small business owner that still survives…..amazingly those small businesses which were so excited to support the stadium Prairie project foolishly thought their business would flourish …yet notice their buildings are gone or fenced in for demolishing in the future- if they had bothered to read they may have noticed they were in the zones planned to be be “replaced” aka moved out.

    This is just ANOTHER step in destroying our community one little piece at a time.

    Let’s not buy into their plan to make some men richer at the expense of our quality of life.

    Sad isn’t it how just one generation from the civil rights movement passage… WE WERE TOLD TO VOTE FOR SOMEONE who since ascending to his throne HAS DONE NOTHING BUT BETRAY OUR TRUST

    Let’s say NO this is OUR community which should not be bulldozed so an outside developers (whose only motivation is their own wealth) can have their way.

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