Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

2 thoughts on “Former Sheriff Lee Baca exonerates Paul Tanaka

  1. Glad to hear Tanaka has been exonerated, more or less. I believed him from the start that he wasn’t responsible for the problems in the LACSD. Now, hopefully, he can get back to being Mayor of Gardena, a neighboring city that has been well managed and run for years under his administration. Waiting for the LAT’s to follow up in print, however, is like watching grass grow, so let’s move on without them clearing the record of a fine civic leader, caught up in the politics of law enforcement. Baca was the lead in all of this and he needs to answer for his mismanagement of the department for years, since succeeding the late, Sherman Block. McDonald is doing a better job of addressing the decades of abuse by rank and file, along with the FBI and DOJ investigation of what happened to that CI they kept moving around to prevent him from testifying for the Feds. And
    so it goes…

  2. Two things about your article – First, I always said that Tanaka was following orders. Second, Jackie Lacey needs to be challenged by someone. It’s time for her lazy ass to be replaced. Too many are not being prosecuted that should be. Her entire department is afraid to do anything.

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