Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

2 thoughts on “Inglewood Mayor Used Rent Stabilization Ordinance to Garner Favorable Publicity

  1. The article mentions Thomas Bunn. It’s important to note that Thomas Bunn, who used to be the video man for shady Willie Brown’s Inglewood Today News, was intricately involved in the unethical behavior that got Willie Brown sued for libel. Possibly the most unethical thing that Thomas Bunn was reported to have done for Willie Brown was to secretly edit words out of sentences said on video, and put the edited video on Willie Brown’s website, to support Willie Brown’s libelous statements. That edited video was part of the libel lawsuit that ended up forcing Willie Brown not only to pay a cash settlement, but to take down all of his libelous writings and videos from his website and also run 3 months worth of retractions both in his newspaper and on his Internet site.
    And highlighting the incredibly hypocritical nature of mayor James Butts and Thomas Bunn, after Bunn began working regularly for the city of Inglewood, he would regularly violate copyright laws in the production of his videos for the city of Inglewood. Bunn used parts and even full copyrighted songs on the videos he made for the city council. And James Butts and the city council allowed him, and continue to allow him, to use those copyrighted songs even though Butts and his council wasted almost $200,000 of tax payer money suing me, and losing miserably, for my using mere snippets of city council meetings, which are public records and not copyrightable, to make YouTube videos exposing the lies and violations of the law and Civil Rights by James Butts.
    These facts show that, one, James Butts never cared about copyright when he tried to have the videos of him taken off of YouTube, He only cared that those videos were making him look really bad. And, two, James Butts will hire any crook that is willing to do his dirty work.

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