Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

6 thoughts on “Questions continue to rise over missing guns in the city of Compton

  1. C’mon Mayor and council. Get a fucking clue. You hired a Sheriff that ratted on the sheriffs and he’s still alive? Don’t you think that bitch owes ? Well, this is so fucking obvious to me it makes me literally ill. Do I have to draw you people a fucking picture or what? Next time hire a nice Sunday school teacher or some shit.

  2. If Rhambo isn’t involved, how did his dumb ass fall for this? I’m afraid of him and will sleep better when he’s no longer city manager. And yes, I have my reasons. But the dirty cop he somehow managed to send when I asked for parking enforcement still knows where I live.

    1. I appreciated my councilwoman’s immediate response to the issue, however the letter I wrote to Capt. Thatcher has never been answered. No phone call, no nothing that I am aware of. I’m not sure how somebody parks in front of your driveway with no parking permit like Helen Keller and you get some deputy trying to pound down your security screen door. I asked for city parking enforcement that doesn’t carry guns. I was afraid for my life and my dogs. I KNOW Rhambo did this. If anybody else has had a similar experience please come forward. Shit ain’t right around here.

        1. She did. It happened last May. However why and how did it happen? My letters have still gone unanswered to Capt. Thatcher. I want a full investigation. Little late since I can’t access my security footage from my cameras anymore. Piggies know and piggies do.

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