Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

7 thoughts on “Prichard mayoral candidate is breaking down stereotypes of Black Men

  1. Americans are guaranteed freedom of speech under the 1st Amendment. You’re suggesting we don’t take him seriously because he’s a rapper? Isn’t that how C-Murder and other New Orleans rappers were convicted?

  2. This article is extremely misleading and y’all fuckin know it ???????? go look this man Facebook or YouTube page up— it’s beyond ratchet but funny as hell. Maybe y’all were misinformed.. I urge y’all to look more into this man and do y’all job more competently please ????

    1. Actually I know this man personally. Try doing further research and maybe you will learn that this man is very intelligent. He also hold a degree in Business among other achievements. Does he have a song on you tubed that may be deemed “ratchet”? Depends on who you are speaking with. Open your mind upand understand that it’s possible that an individual can have more than one side to them. That video amongst other things that he does doesn’t entirely depeict him as a person. Do I find some of the things he do hilarious and not necessarily choices I will make sure. But that doesn’t disqualify him to obtain a more professional position such as mayor because the man had a clear plan. He speak with tenacity and intellect on numerous occasions. Don’t let his hobbies fool you. These other politicians you vote for or support out here do everything under the sun behind close doors. He is just unapologetic. I would rather see the ugly real truth rather than a pretty fake lie. Do more research my friend before you judge. Otherwise you’re the joke. Be blessed

    2. I wouldn’t want a man who sings about “ his hands between her legs” to be mayor of imaginary town never mind Prichard that needs real leaders not rappers.

      1. Dalia music is entertainment. Yes I have ratched songs per say but songs like May 19th nobody talk about. Lets face the facts, some black people like ratchet music especially dance music. Music is a release to me and a time to be free. REAL MURDERS are famous because we as a culture parade and celebrate violence. I’m over 500k invested in Entertainment so yes I make music that I like and to make a profit. I don’t sell drugs are promote it in my music but I’m not taking serious because I’m an Artist is un American. I think it is bias but that’s your opinion. I can live with it.

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