Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

1 thought on “New series tackles the school bond “hustle”

  1. How loud do we have to scream BUILDINGS DON’T TEACH !!!!!!

    MATH, READING, SCIENCE, HISTORY are taught by people who have an interest in their students ability to function in their future rather than dollars and benefits the employed teacher takes home.

    Remember Measure K and later Measure I and later…..if not look at your property tax bill !!!! – for renters who voted to tax your landlord consider that is just one line each that cause your rent to go up …….and what did you expect to change. ( Here’s the deal you voted to tax property owners – sometimes that old couple who charge precious little rent for the next 30 years . Make no mistake the big developer apartment owners get tax breaks to cover what ma and pa with the duplex will never benefit from. )

    So now with new convertible basketball courts at Parent, Crozier, and Monroe and the “state of the art “ auditorium at Crozier the esteemed Torres hands $100,000.00 to a billionaire for what amounts to 6-9 HOURS (3 schools total) of “Graduation” event.

    EVERYONE Check the stats the same ole, same ole, lack of books, same teachers, same counselors-who do not meet with students and the RESULTS After all that construction and new paint is a whopping 6% proficiency in math only 30% in reading.

    Those who benefited from these school bonds were the contractors, designers, architects, all adults who took our money for their high-end life while our children fall further and further behind . ( oh and let us not forget the school board member election campaign funds)

    Wake up if the candidate didn’t go to school board meetings before they were elected they SHOULD NOT RECEIVE YOUR VOTE.


    Oh and btw the same community concern or lack thereof awareness applies when voting for council members

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