Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

4 thoughts on “Multi Million Dollar Kailas Company Used Undocumented Workers in New Orleans Hotel Collapse

  1. People who dont feel the brunt of not being passed over for a job because they are Black or non-Spanish speaking can see that Blacks are being skipped over for jobs to hire undocumented workers that do not even speak English. You see it and cry poor immigrants! Shame on you. You have watched persons who have replaced skilled Black workers with everyone but Black workers, because of your hatred against Blacks succeeding in America. Also, if you believe they are paid less, then you are a fool. Save your compassion for yourself when u see it in YOUR line of work. As a rule, Spanish speaking people only hire Spanish speaking people, even though a Black or White person hired them. They dont hire Whites or Asians either!! This discrimination to alienate Blacks and poorer Whites is deliberate and unfair!! Those jobs pay GREAT money!

  2. Yeah everyone hates immigrants I’m talking about the people that’ hires them but they love to slave work these poor people. It’s sinful to take advantage and oppress the poor & God will severely punish those people’s that does that but it’s all about saving them money which the root of all evil. There day is coming because all this money won’t do them n good in the end.

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