Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

1 thought on “More than 100 flights already canceled Monday at LAX, John Wayne, Long Beach and Burbank

  1. Stay at home and save some money —- or this year maybe that is save a life says:

    Guess which stats most likely will not be reported……how many were infected by someone an airplane trip away

    It is amazing that the airline company need to make money to stay in business and our governing leader interest in tax dollars clouds the perspective that people flying around the state(s), or around the world is what causes the spread of the virus which has killed so many..

    Sadly going to the family function, or holiday get away with friends may be the very adventure that makes this event the last one those gathered will ever have….

    Many who have been vaccinated have no visible symptoms but are able to unknowingly pass the virus to others even those who have been vaccinated. Will that slot machine pay out seem so sweet it one of the party group dies?

    We all understand living in small circles of interaction is frustrating but keep in mind the life you risk by traveling may or may not be the person you love but the person you impact surely has a family that will miss them if covid takes their life

    Wouldn’t it be better to use the video app on your phone and postpone gathering until covid risk is no longer everywhere….

    Yep it was hard but the rant of the foolishness of bringing 70,000 people into our midst (recognizing they do not quite honestly give a rat’s tail how many of us get sick or die) so they can watch someone catch and carry or kick a bag of air across or over a horizontal line of chalk seems a topic very related but for another day.

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