Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

6 thoughts on “MLK Hospital in jeopardy of closing

  1. I’m so sorry to read about what happened to Celestina’s family. I hope that she has since found some way to heal, if at all possible.

    It’s shameful how these cities allow their cemeteries to fall into disrepair. Reminds me of how Burr Oaks cemetery in Chicago was ignored. The only difference in that instance was that graves were dug up and bodies were thrown away.

    1. Apparently after 100 years, a cemetery is allowed to dig up graves and resell to someone else. Celestina has a LOT of community members helping her. They need to find a way to water the grass so it doesn’t catch on fire. Maybe we can chip in on one of those fire sprinkler trucks.

  2. Good I need to move away from this piece of shit city. Nothing has changed in the past 2 decades I’ve lived here or in government. Not to mention that the state controller audited the financials of Compton and Compton piece of shit Financial failed every damn measure. No sense of control in that building. Bunch of corrupt politics now and forever.

  3. So Cornwell, what are the details to the additional cost savings? Sounds like bullshit. The first time for the deficit from some consultant was about $5.6-$5.8 million. the controller comes back from admin leave and her figures are about $ 10 million. After that she’s on a sick leave hiatus for who knows how long. A couple of weeks later the figures are within the consultant range – $5.8 million. Why are these budget workshop project based while in the past, department heads detail what they gonna do for the year.
    Everything smells like BS. I hope Cornwell and his mgmt staff reads this. Behind our smiles and greetings, we think you all think u don’t know what they hell you doing and I’m sayin this in a nice ass way.

    I know we in a budget crisis, but you still spending money like it’s a G thang Baby!!

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