Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

2 thoughts on “MEGATAXERS: Conflict of Interest Between L.A. County Agencies Mar Inglewood Unified’s Bond

  1. Thank you for providing this link.

    Laid out for all of to see what some of us have said for years….INGLEWOOD UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT has not been about education of our children for close to twenty years , instead it has become the way to get tax dollars in consultant pockets.

    That bond measure skip- to -my – Lou -dance was smoke and mirrors of the most hazy and reflective kind.

    With US news reporting dismal proficiency ratings, parents are taking their kids where they can learn something – anything, somewhere else.

    The once robust district of a great education has become the collection of campuses where lawyers, builders and consultants thrive, while students are able to graduate based on their attendance rather then their having achieved the knowledge necessary to move on to higher education or career paths with financial security.

    And much to the delight of the vultures who have robbed our children of their future the low mod income level homeowners will be stuck with a $240 million project ( if we are lucky) at a cost of nearly $500 million all with NO OVERSIGHT….

    And guess who one of your school board members was when this became our reality ——that’s right none other than the charming puppet sitting in the district 4 seat the newest member of the BUTTTEAM.


    And for all our sakes THROW OUT THAT GLASS OF KOOL-AID

    Bottom line if David Gould is involved ………well just look at his candidates and notice who gets the gold it won’t be for community or student benefit.

    Learn the truth about who/what you vote for Don’t be swayed by glossy ad campaigns.

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