Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

17 thoughts on “Meet the Candidates for November Inglewood Elections

  1. @2Urbangirls How did Aisha Thompson run for City Clerk? Individuals who are working for-employed by the City aren’t allowed to run. Check into the rules as this was shared with me by a inside City Hall source. People in INGLEWOOD try to do things in THE DARK, but THE LIGHTS always come on. Yvonne Horton and that City Clerks Office have been running rigged elections for years. TIME FOR IT TO STOP.

    1. Ken Campos said nothing and neither did the District Attorney. Even if she could run, the fact that her and Yvonne used taxpayer paid resources to do it is the actual crime. Keep an eye on them so called “Christians”.

  2. Because Wanda Brown is running makes her FOOLISH and an EMBARRASSMENT? Have you ever attended any city council meeting that made you conclude that assessment of her? She’s running unopposed if you know someone who’s capable write their name in.

  3. Inglewood can be so much better. Why aren’t any younger candidates running? Where are the people who care about this City?

    1. The (s)election of James Butts by the Casino/ Stadium proponents from Embarcadero St. who needed variances and taxpayer financial support to operate over the long haul CHANGED ELECTIONS IN INGLEWOOD. The Billionaires and Millionaires provided money to buy the candidates they knew would forever be indebted and would make the taxpayers permanently responsible for literally cleaning up their property, and providing security, and traffic service.
      Prior to that election voters met the candidates at community gatherings on equal footing. Butts had more money to spend on mail, bIllboards,canvassers than anyone ever before ….. and He has Paid them back using our future quality of life.
      Don’t believe it ? See if the City Clerck will show you or make copies of the campaign finance reports aka 460.s ———good luck with that request

    2. Honestly I want to run, but I want to know if support would be there. I’m young also a great fan of Bernie like policies to help the city!

    3. I have friends who have run and big money always pushes them out and we keep the same status quo protectors and pocket liners. I agree. So ready for change

  4. My how things have changed! There was a time not long ago ALL who wanted to be elected were REQUIRED to reveal their address to the public !
    An Incumbent who hides form their constituents should not get any votes.
    Clearly Dr Brown is the only incumbent with integrity

    1. Such LOW STANDARDS for INTEGRITY if all anyone has to do is list their address.

      When in actuality if @2UrbanGirls was following journalistic standards she would have redacted all addresses before publishing the info.

      Trained journalists know it’s a no-no to print anyone’s address, phone number, email or any other personal info especially in this day and age when so many people are crazy. It’s all about safety.

      The only thing that is required is for the city clerk to verify anyone running for office lives in the city. The personal info should not be published.

      1. That practice should be upheld by the city clerk’s office. If the county registrar doesn’t provide addresses of candidates, why did Yvonne Horton and Aisha Thompson choose to make only certain candidates information available?

      2. No address is not the “only” evidence of integrity it is the beginning point.

        Consider Inglewood’s history of falsification of residency. Recently James Butts, and Rod Wright, Arnold Butler have had address issues.
        Residents should be able to know if the person they vote for will be impacted by the votes he/she casts other than for their own personal benefit.
        Not too many years ago there were public discussions and debates as residents were permitted to share with their elected how they viewed the issues impacting them in public settings not controlled by the elected stagers and talking to the elected at their front door was the norm.
        Community members were able to interact with the elected because they were neighbors who worked in a their yards and went to community meetings as normal attendees not worshipped beings.
        Yep things have changed in Inglewood since Butts took the title Mayor to mean GOD, who need not be accountable to residents and surrounded himself with his worshippers who chose never to use their own brain in exchange for walking in his shadow

  5. WANDA BROWN is so FOOLISH!!! And an EMBARRASSMENT to herself and Inglewood!!!

    She’s obviously NOT as smart as Yvonne Horton.

    At least Yvonne knows when it’s time to move on!!!

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