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5 thoughts on “Meet Compton Community College Trustee Nicole Jones

  1. Yes, the way you write tends to have me want to interject my own opinion. Haven’t quite pinpointed why, yet, but you’re on the right track!
    James, you’re shameless. But I’m doing my part to help. It’s rare for me to comment 3 times on my own posts. 

  2. Your question might be too direct or blunt. That often doesn’t work. Put people in the spotlight, and they get all squirmy. Instead of wondering why they aren’t answering the questions, try to figure out how to word your questions or close off your post to encourage discussion. Find out what gets your readers going, try different tactics, and work in your questions subtly.
    Side note: Comment contests are a great idea – but the prize has to be worth it. What do people want most? Fame, glory… money… something free… think it over!

  3. I am the Welding Professor at Compton College. Nicole Jones has not taken an interest in anything at the school. She comes ONLY during board meetings or to parade around for photo ops when convenient. She made an effort to give me a paper acknowledgement at one board meeting, where I was compelled to tell the board, community and Keith Curry about my harassment from one of the Deans. I filed a grieveance which was recently denied by Curry. He allows hostile work environments at our college. If Ms. Jones was so concerned about the campus, faculty and staff, she would have taken action by first listening to those that speak at the board meetings complaining and then helping to resolve the issues. I was under the impression that the board was Curry’s boss, but it is obvious that he runs the board!

  4. And here is what they are not telling you. When Leslie Irving stepped down as President of the Compton College District Board of Trustees, a new person had to be appointed in the interim to her seat. Not the presidency, her seat. Existing Trustee Andre Ramos of Lynwood then became the acting President of the Compton College Trustee Board. This all occurred in 2016.

    Three known Compton residents in Irving’s trustee area applied for her seat (Former Compton City Councilwoman Barbara Calhoun, businessman Jasper Jackson, and civil rights NAEJA activist Jonathan Taylor). When these applicants called at the close of the application period on a Friday, they were told they were the only three in contention by office staff. Enter the shenanigans.

    Rumor has it the President of the college, Keith Curry, was unhappy with the three candidates, especially given their affiliation with the activist community of Compton and their opposition to him or some of his decisions and positions.

    Rumor has it that Keith Curry placed phone calls to the CUSD and City of Compton looking for other candidates in an act not permitted by law. By the next week, two additional candidates had surfaced, one Elizabeth Atkinson, mother to Compton Unified School District President Micah Ali, and Nicole Jones, rumored to have been suggested by Compton Mayor Aja Brown. All parties will deny if asked.

    When the presentations by the five candidates were made in front of the Trustee board, all four from Compton familiar with the community spoke extemporaneously but Nicole Jones read from a written extensive manifesto.

    Why? The Trustee area in question lies 95% in Compton with a small lip in Los Angeles and Jones helms from the 5% and is not familiar or known in Compton so the Berkeley graduate read an academic recitation.

    When discussions were opened for the board to consider the applicants in front of the assembled community, not one single person from the board asked a follow-up question of the candidates or held any discussion which even shocked the state Special Trustee on hand, Tom Henry.

    Trustee Luwanda Green then nominated Elizabeth Atkinson while Deborah LeBlanc nominated Denise Jones. This lead to Luwanda Green mouthing and calling LeBlanc a “b*tch” under her breath. If I’m lying, I’m flying. The board then voted in Nicole Jones, no discussion.

    As it turns out, there had been a violation of the Brown Act as discussions had been held outside of and before the Trustee meeting according to witnessed testimony from irate Trustee Luwanda Green. She voiced outside the meeting, in the only honest note from the night, that everyone knew she was nominating Atkinson and that LeBlanc was supposed to second her choice but her wingman switched on her.

    And seeing four Compton residents get passed over, watching a board hold zero discussion meaning totally dismissing community input, watching the inept manner the board conducted proceedings, and witnessing an obvious rigged selection for Nicole Jones, the audience arose in mass and walked out in protest.

    This was December 2016 so Keith Curry and Trustee Deborah LeBlanc came out and gave the group assurances and asked for their cooperation as the Jones appointment was only to be temporary until the real election could be held in 11 months in November 2017.

    But then guess what, the November 2017 election was never held because this same board with Nicole Jones now on it, held a subsequent vote to postpone elections from November 2017 to November 2018 to consolidate college elections with county elections, thus breaking their word to the community and giving Jones two years in office never being elected by anyone!

    Then in January 2018, still in office with no election, Nicole Jones was voted to the top position of President of the Compton College Trustee Board. Now this recognition for her with the AACCCT, the same as President Keith Curry receiving an award for being Community College Administrator of the Year. Those outside and distant applauding while concerns swirl locally.

    Why is this significant? Do you see a pattern. Keith Curry was appointed President by Special Trustee Tom Henry at the behest of Tom Fallow, then President of our partner El Camino College. Keith Curry is another one who never underwent the scrutiny of a convened search committee as did the former top administrator Dr. Lawrence Cox he replaced. Now Nicole Jones ascends to governance while not being elected once by anyone from Compton.

    The Compton College District is not electing but being given its leadership.

    And when you want to keep pretenders to the throne in office, sans elections or dealing with the public, then you also blanket the community with news of their appointments and supposed achievements as related in this news story. The point is not that Ms. Jones is not admired for her academic background and recognition, it is just that she does not know or represent Compton at all. She and the other board member from Compton have not attended a single city council meeting, block club, Concerned Citizen or other organized group meeting in their term of office–ever.

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