Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

2 thoughts on “Mayor Butts’ Republican Attorney Authored Inglewood NFL Stadium Petition

    1.Crime in Inglewood went up dramatically when Butts claimed he was running the IPD.
    2. Crime in Inglewood fell dramatically every year for 7 years after Butts resigned from the IPD to be police chief in Santa Monica.
    3. When he was police chief in Santa Monica. Butts was sued by the ACLU because he had approved a policy of training his officers to deliberately violate the Civil Rights of suspects in custody. Butts and the other defendants lost the case and he was forced to change that illegal and unAmerican policy.
    4. While he was Santa Monica’s police chief, both Butts’ wife and one of his daughters told police that James Butts got so angry that he had choked his wife into unconsciousness, causing the little girl to call the police.
    5. When he was running to be mayor of Inglewood, Butts still did not own any property in Inglewood, claiming that he lived in part of his in-laws’ house.
    6.As mayor of Inglewood, Butts changed Inglewood’s Public Access Channel to a Governmental Access Channel, that he and the council controlled, keeping all Inglewood residents from being able to use the city station for independent programming.
    7. After Butts became mayor, crime went up steadily, for at least 3 years, until IPD stopped publishing crime statistics in the city. Since then, outside sources, like the LA Times, have published times dates and addresses of crimes that the mayor has repeatedly denied.
    8. After becoming mayor, James Butts repeatedly violated council meeting rules, state law, federal law, and civil rights in meetings.
    9. After becoming mayor, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office found that James Butts had violated state law and civil rights in his ongoing campaign to limit free speech in City Council meetings.
    10 and beyond… even after the district attorney ruled the James Butts had violated the law and civil rights, James Butts continued to use the police and abuse his power as Council chairman to violate civil rights at City Council meetings. James Butts moved half the meetings to the day, making it harder for working people to attend meetings, and then moved all of the meetings to the day, making it even more difficult for working people to attend the meetings. He cut public comments from 3 minutes to 1 minute. He allowed his supporters more time to speak than other people, to speak about things other people weren’t allowed to talk about, to curse, to threaten other residents, and he ended meetings or recessed meetings to keep information damaging to him from getting to the public. He used almost $200,000.00 of Inglewood’s tax dollars on a lawsuit that the federal judge threw out of court, saying that it was a clear attempt to stifle free speech, making him and the city council a laughing stock Across the Nation. James Butts, when vendors were being looked for to handle the city’s trash collection, pressured vendors to give his brother a job if they wanted the contract: one of the vendors gave his brother a job, and then got the city’s trash contract even though they charged 10 million dollars more than at least one other vendor, who had a higher service rating. James Butts…(you fill in the Scandal).

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