Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

24 thoughts on “Lynwood city manager uses Malcolm X quote to describe ambush of Sheriff deputies

  1. DRUG LORD AIDE CASTRO liked what Jose said! she lucky she out of here in november anyway. when she put her name on the ballot again the CHICKENS WILL BE HOME TO ROOST before SOLACHE eats them all

  2. Welcome to Trump world! That’s the Mayor opinion! Where the lie? If u continue to kill, murder un-armed men. You will reap what u sow PERIODT! Why everyone not feeling this way when un-armed men being Murdered by the police, they have kids too. What happen to the killers ( police) of Breonna Taylor? They entered her home and shot her. STILL NOT arrested. Who now trying to get her boyfriend to LIE and say she traffick drugs???? Do I agree with the chants( hospital) No! But hurt people hurt people. Did the police call for Ambulance or tell they colleague get ur knee off his neck ( George Floyd). Again u spew hate, u kill, continue to promote racism it comes back! Universe don’t tell u how. So promote positivity, LOVE!

  3. Most city managers are overpaid trolls. Send this degenerate slob back to tj.

    1. Hes a dumb mexican asshole. What do you expect it a haven for illegals. If he was conservative he would have been fired. What a jackass

  4. He’s a douche, his comments reflect the POS that he is. God or Karma plays a role here, I pray that he, his family, colleagues or friends never face a Criminal Evil Domestic Terrorist that cowardly ambushed 2 LACO Dep. Sheriff’s. The action like what that evil criminal did is growing, because of people like The city manager Jose Ometeotl giving them the support or reinforcement. I called and left a message he needs to be removed.

  5. I’ve developed shopping centers in LYNWOOD and Compton over the years and the constituents deserve better. This City Manager should be fired and shamed. He does not represent the people of LYNWOOD and the coward who shot this sheriffs should be brought to justice. I would hope it does not take $100 k to bring in a punk. You people deserve better.

  6. Here is a perfect example of systemic racism. The mayor and his deputy should both be recalled.

  7. The shootings were horrific crimes and completely wrong. Importantly, we don’t know why the assailant(s) did them. We all need to stop assuming what the “reason” was for the shootings. As for the people shouting anti sheriff hate speech who blocked the entry of the emergency vehicles bearing the wounded officers to the hospital, this was equally horrific misconduct without justification or excuse. However, without knowing all of the facts, if we ever do, a fact which mitigates their aberrant conduct is that America has failed to meaningfully stop law enforcement’s centuries old penchant for illegally killing blacks, Latin(x), powerless people and others apparently with impunity and support by the majority and government. This cancer is metastasizing and if society continues ignoring it and permitting the law enforcement= good-minorities=enemy majority mindset to continue, this nation will suffer with a worsening, incurable disease. Let’s hope the assailant(s) are safely and humanely captured, the event was crazy the act of a solitary sick person, and the justice system doesn’t deprive him, her of life liberty or property without due process of law, not retribution.

    1. Tell me the names of Black Men Murdered in Cold Blood by the Police. Floyd died of a Drug Overdose of Fentanyl, NEXT. Over 50 Police Officers have been murdered, 750 Injured this year. STOP THE BULLSHIT LIES!

      1. I don’t have time. Certainly you may choose to ignore the truth of my statement which is accurate to a reasonable, objective person. Ignore it like one who ignores spreading cancer. When you realize the truth, it’ll be too late. I am praying you’ll see the truth and admit it but I am not optimistic. Fentanyl? Delusional, man.

  8. I live on the border of Compton in Lynwood. Its true..there are dirty cops, in both cities. So isnt that like the pot calling the kettle black? No one deserves to die like that…

  9. The chickens need to come home for Ometeotli. Quit your job or be fired.

  10. Everyone is so petty and sensitive what’s the wrong doing? J

    1. Everyone that blocked the entrance to the ER should be charged with attempted murder. Whats the wrong doing? If you don’t know, you are a big problem. If you are attacked what would be the problem?

      1. YES! A misdemeanor at least, and vile behavior. Martin Luther King said, a man should be judged on his character, not the color of his skin. The Lynwood official should be fired immediately, without benefits.
        After Katrina, while Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin were refusing to let President Bush send the National Guard, looters and rioters destroyed the business district, and tried to get into Charity Hospital to get the drugs.
        When the National Guard finally was sent, they said it was worse than Beirut.

        1. There is a virus of the spirit and mind that is spreading through the Democratic Party that is more insidious than COVID -19. It promotes a hatred of the police while excusing Black violence against law enforcement and their own community members. This pathogen will not end well for America.

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