Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

2 thoughts on “Los Angeles Times picks up another 2 Urban Girls article

  1. Every time Mayor Brown speaks she gets herself into more trouble. She speaks of ‘transparency’ but all the citizens of Compton see and/or suspect is corruption. We’re (citizens of Compton) sick of it. What I would like to know is why Mayor Brown and the Compton City Council are so privileged that the D A only sends them a warning letter when the D A took the time to prosecute the folks of Bell and Vernon for doing the exact same thing the Compton City Council are doing – MISAPPROPRIATION OF PUBLIC FUNDS. This is a felony and has no statute of limitations. And, because there is no statute of limitations on MISAPPROPRIATION OF PUBLIC FUNDS, all previous mayors and council members who received payment for attending these extra “commission” meetings could and should also be prosecuted. If Jackie Lacey wants to become Attorney General for the State of California she needs to start doing her job here in L. A. County.

    1. Aja Brown needs to get her lifeline dates together. Her timeliness don’t agree with her age! This woman has lied so much until she believes them.
      Aja Brown gave $100,000 to a Juicer Company that doesn’t exist. She has voted to give organizations she and her husband have created HUD funds and they aren’t qualified! That’s misappropriation of public funds. They (Browns) have committed many get rich crimes.

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