Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

8 thoughts on “Los Angeles Airport Police Department To Name New Police Chief

  1. People, the problem is not the City Managers. The problem is the City Council and the Mayor. Their total incompetency ensures that the city of Compton is not properly managed and remains in the nineteenth century. Just ask Betty Yee, State Controller for State of California, or please read her findings regarding City of Compton.

  2. The last sentence of this article speaks volumes. His practices as the city manager of Compton exhibited any and everything but integrity. The city will spent years uncovering his deeds, and it will spent years repairing them. Unethical would be a much better way of describing our former city attorney.

    1. The city of Compton has had to grapple with no less than a dozen city managers in the last decade. They are only as good as the pressure they under by the council members who have voting authority over their contract.

      All city managers are under the thumb of the ruling council members and newly appointed city manager, Craig Cornwell, has been the city attorney under the vast majority of the city managers, including Rhambo, who could have spoken out about alleged integrity issues but stayed silent until it was his turn to assume the seat.

      Craig is no different than the rest of them in doing what he has to do to keep his job.

      1. The lawsuits are legit; Maggard smiles well and makes like he’s a great guy BUT he’s a typical “orange county” mindset police administrator who treats black employees as a nuisance at best, and inferior at worst.

        If you are a white male you can promote and literally walk on water in his regime;ditto if asian he will not put them in harms’ way and will promote them regardless of whether they are competent or experienced.

        every black employee he has fired is either getting their jobs back or going to be compensated for it- that should tell you SOMETHING ABOUT MAGGARDS harsh and arbitrary disciplinary practices(yeah like how many black officers did he hire or promote in his prior agencies? Barely a handful and promoted NONE)

        Oh and ask yourself just how legitimate was Maggards promotion to executive director of Public safety if it truly was a national search for the position- LOOK deeper and you’ll see a possible conflict of interest

        Rhambo has far more experience running a top notch police agency; lets just see if he is a token or allowed to be a real chief the 1,100 sowrn and civikian employees of LAXPD need.

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