Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

4 thoughts on “Long Beach Vice-Mayor backtracks on support of Affordable Housing measure

  1. You obviously don’t own any property. If you do,are you willing to pay more taxes-not only you, but your children who will inherit the additional taxes? Whoever you are,you should do some homework before you slander Vice Mayor/Councilman Dee Andrews or anyone else.
    Did you know that Richardsons’ bond would have put the tax burden solely on homeowners and property owners?
    Vice Mayor:Councilman Andrews talked with the people in his district. They were VERY dissatisfied with the threat of additional taxes targeted toward Homeowners. He voted according to not only what is best for his district, but for ALL of Long Beach as well.. Andrews did his homework!!
    Rex Richardson is like a 4 year old child who didn’t get his way. Crying and pouting…If you’re with him,he’s dossil and
    happy..If you’re not with him he creates havoc, confusion, and division. Just like a 4 year old you better watch him!!!!!! You should be looking closer at Richardson’s agenda. He’s the one with a HUGH political agenda.FOR HIMSELF.. Unfortunately, he has a knack for rallying up haters. ie Jeanine Pearce—-Really???Ha Ha
    What a trustworthy,honest,ethical comrade..What a joke…
    As for your comment about The Vice Mayors age..Remember wisdom accompanies age! Furthermore, he is most likely in better physical,emotional,and mental
    condition than you are!!!!!!!’One things for sure,He’s a leader not a follower like a sheep being led by a wolf- in -sheep’s clothing to the slaughter .
    Maybe I should have written this in language you could understand..BA BA BA!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The proposal was aimed for VOTERS to decide which means you would have been able to vote NO if you saw fit. The fact the the Vice Mayor read the same proposal, and signed on in support, then changed his mind, doesn’t say much for his “leadership”. HE should have read the proposal more closely as opposed to playing both sides. Councilman Richardson is a homeowner himself. Richardson isn’t up for re-election as are the others. Richardsons time will come.

      1. I have a problem with your statement Regardless to being a home owner or not.. why would Richardson want tx payers to pay the bill. It seems Richardson dosen’t have his district or the Long Beach community in his best interest. Why would Richardson vote yes and the council meeting so then bvoterswould vote not knowing the real truth about the bill. Richardson please educate yourself and your district on what this bill is really about and would cost homeowners.I see you haven’t done that. Take some lessons from Vice Mayor Councilman Dee Andrew’s who care for and talk to the residents in your district not only at a concert you sponsor!!

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