Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

2 thoughts on “Local union endorses candidates before qualifying on the ballot

  1. The Residents of Compton are Wounded our City is Wounded and it needs to be Healed it Doesn’t Matter who is Wrong or who is Right We Need Prayer The Residents need Hands on Leadership and Recognition a Celebrity Means Nothing when it Comes to Homeless Laying on Compton Blvd those are our Celebrities and the Should be Treated Accordingly No One Walks among the People we need Pastors who Care about Life to Come Forward and Pray for Our Council and Residents we Healing for Unity and Togetherness if we Stay on this Road of Hatred Toward one Another our City is Doomed Rally Prayer for our City 2Urban Girls we need You

  2. I called the union and ask how could someone such as myself get information. I was told because I didn’t work for them they could not help me. BUT I want to know what’s going on…..nope you’re not a member!!!!

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