Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

1 thought on “Letter to the Editor: Inglewood Unified actions are alarming

  1. Thank you Marvin for stating the obvious.

    Attempts to discredit, intimidate, and silence community members who voice their opinion is the hallmark of BUTTNORM.

    Unfortunately as long as HE holds the Decision of who is in Human Resources chair we can only expect worse behavior from uniformed, gun carrying, handsomely paid (by us) persons who have been led to believe Inglewood Residents do not have the right of freedom of speech, assembly, or participation in local government as set forth in the Constitution of the United States.

    Even without using police force the Torres administration has all but silenced the community by failing to notify residents of the intended closure and preplanned sale of the Freeman-now-Lane School site. Let us not forget then Boardmember now Councilmember Dionne Faulk did nothing to include the impacted community in any decision. The planned future owner is of course another Sports Team Owner ranked by Forbes as the Sixth richest, with $ 5.5 Billion, real estate developer and co- owner of the Kings and Lakers whose other dealings have been written about in the Forbes article City of Greed. Residents more than likely will be lulled into believing all is well until they see the bull dozers on site.

    What nice distractions the construction projects have been! Unfortunately the purpose of educational facilities should never be providing jobs to adults but rather providing education and skill sets to children so they will be prepared for a variety of careers. On that mission Inglewood Unified CAN NOT CLAIM SUCCESS. reflects that Morningside and Inglewood High Schools are only 6% proficient in Math and less than 30% grade level proficiency in Reading !!!!!!

    Is it the goal of Torres and company to provide the Billionaire Ball Team Arena and Stadium with a labor pool completely unprepared for employment in other than the close-to-minimum-wage seasonal employment ? If so they have done well. Each of us should be asking “Don’t our children deserve the right to have the educational preparation to be able to excel in a career where they can sit in a stadium seat rather than being the employee selling brews and munchies in the stands?”

    Yes Inglewood has changed

    Community members and their children no longer seem to matter to elected

    The community complete with exemplary hospital, full stocked libraries, parks, community services and electeds which respect and represent the wishes of the community (who they are supposed to serve) no longer exists.

    Our children deserve much better . They deserve the opportunity to choose careers like those that built this community – engineers, physicians, scientists, and anything else the children of Beverly Hills or Laguna Beach think of as a future career.

    Get involved at Board meetings, Volunteering, or Tutoring and don’t buy into the lies coming from those who would choose to keep us unaware and ignorant of the contracts they sign on our behalf

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