Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

5 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Will Metro be driving the eminent domain bus through Inglewood in preparation of the 2028 Olympics?

  1. Revolting concept isn’t it our staff and local elected passing the buck and saying someone else made the decisions or using the OLYMPICS -a two week sports event as an excuse to destroy what families have taken generations to build.

    Each week our Council Votes what happens to us,,,,,,It is long past time to hold them – yes the 5 accountable TO US.

    The Olympic medal thrill for a few should not mean that established District 4 families should be uprooted because the mayor is dazzled by seeing his image next to a sports jock or a billionaire..

    The new LA Metro Board chair Is Hilda Solis. She needs to hear from us – preferably in written form . Fortunately for the first time at least the chair can read Spanish without the need of a translator!! (Sometimes past translators have mistranslated changing the intent of letters to our English only representatives) , So please neighbors write and call Ms Solis office directly. (Copies to other representatives would be helpful)

    In her public biography Supervisor Solis indicates it is important for her to represent communities like ours, primarily minority, underserved and often disregarded.

    County supervisors Janice Hahn, Kathryn Barger, Shiela Kuhn, as well as Los Angles City Council members Paul Krekorian, and Mike Bonin, have each in the past shown they have been willing to listen to the residents impacted by metro decisions as have their appointees.

    Perhaps it is time to ask them to prove they are willing since they certainly can make the changes we need to protect our homes from the rail mania and developer oriented destruction of our community.

    We Should not be this generations Chavez Ravine. Let Supervisors know we need them to stand up for our community against developers whose main goal is to buy or price us out of our community.

    Remind them that Inglewood’s district 4 (the most impacted by the planned arena traffic) is primarily Hispanic residents and that should not translate to invisible doormats -we soon will be the majority

    Share with them that we were never permitted timely Transparent information nor given the opportunity to address our concerns about what the mayor has agreed, behind closed doors, to do to our community until it was already a done deal and that is when we get his informercials of his great accomplishments.

    *Unfortunately Holly Mitchell has never returned a phone call -the others have

    1. I agree with the last comment.

      This rouse that all this development is about the Olympics doesn’t hold water.

      This is a two week event and Los Angeles will host a majority of the events.

      Olympics don’t make money for host Cities and in many cases lose money..

      This simply boils down to a small group of people who are enriching themselves off the apathy of poor Bl and Brown people.

      I can’t imagine in any scenario where the ” Olympics” is the draw to dismantle and upend Inglewood , The County and greater Los Angeles Area

      These developments are generating ungodly sums of money with new and future developments trillions will be spent in development in Inglewood and surrounding areas

  2. I thunk we’re simplyfying this matter to simple.

    What we’re witnessing here is a mass distribution and redistribution of wealth.

    Inglewood and the general South Bay area was considered underdeveloped and missed opportunity to maximize profit or income.

    Of Course MTA will be a driving factor in pushing eminent domain. Chris Jackson is selling a bold face lie

    I suggest everyone go read the IBEC project and read the part that addresses parking

    Also read the traffic analysis report

    In order for this chaos to co-exist you have to get rid of single family homes and force people onto public transit

    Something tells ne that Ballmer will be heavily. vested in parking

    1. Yep the 42 intersections negatively impacted should have made the surrounding cities say absolutely No – but hey they have hotels and protect their small businesses !

      Here’s the deal the Inglewood Planning Commission aka Larry Spring and that group of go-alongs have the responsibility to make sure every dwelling and every business is built without negative impact on neighbors of that new construction.

      They are the ones who are entrusted to look at plans and say wow liquor shouldn’t be sold near the elementary school or where is the emergency exit ? Before it goes before the city council.

      But alas, caught up in cashing in with real estate sales commissions has impacted decisions for the poor grade squeeze ‘em in condos.

      As for the sports venue – the concept of loosing an appointed position means some are willing to do what they know is wrong if they believe they will be insulated from fallout.

      Likewise regarding the transit projects – we all know it should not be approved but none of the commissioners will have a title if they object to projects which Jimmie and company spent thousands of dollars on already. The city council hiring the Arroyo Group to design the project and used our dollars to pay them. Metro didn’t pay for this we did.

      Yep our tax dollars were spent to come up with those graphics and those ideas to displace us!!!!

      Why ? Again look at the campaign contributions list – duh they pay for the glossies to elect Jimmie he rewards them with contracts to displace us.

      And guess who is supposed to let you see that list but sometimes makes that difficult?
      Yep you guessed it that just got a thousand a month raise also elected city clerk.

      It all boils down to a simple concept who you caste your vote matters ! Do not fall for slick glossies!
      Follow the money !

      If the Arroyo Group’s City Council candidates were not elected Arroyo Group would not get the contract, they wouldn’t create the plan adopted by the planning commission, which forwards it to the city council which pretends they had nothing to do with the mandates of metro. – By the way do you realize for one year Jimmie was the chair of LA Metro?

  3. Thank you for including the supporter list .

    Each and everyone of us needs to keep a COPY THIS LIST Where we see it EVERY SINGLE DAY !

    Let us EACH Make it a point to call and/or write these supporters and say NO MORE, we are done being the Doormat for someone else’s benefit. Make the commitment to tell the business owners they just lost your business. Yes that includes Walmart also.

    The Bottom line is….they don’t care about our homes or our quality of life soooo, we must find new places to spend our dollars and new persons to put in elected positions.

    The CITY of Inglewood aka the four council members and the mayor can not claim sweet innocence Each and every Billboard, Streetlight, and zoning change was made by the 5 puppets on the city council voting aye, aye, aye, aye, aye each Tuesday

    Let’s clean house and vote for people who will serve us rather than serve our lives up on a silver plater to developers and out-of-town sports fans.

    Let’s bid a LONG OVER-DUE GOODBYE to Autumn Burke, Steve Bradford, George Dotson, Alex Padilla, Eloy Morales, Dionne Faulk and the Captain of Destruction James Butts.

    Vote for those who cast votes to listen to our concerns rather than sit by as we are silenced by another elected !!!

    It might be tolerable if all the traffic in our neighborhood was about something that was really important like food production, or medical research or civil defense but let’s be honest most of this is about grown men watching other grown men play with balls which Is only entertainment it is not essential.

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