Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

17 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Wild Wild Antelope Valley!

  1. Dr Vierra is a committed educator. He genuinely cares about the students of the AV, and his own children are graduates. As supt of a large school district, his salary is fair. Davis, Ruffin and Parrel have consistently made decisions to line their own pockets, and those of their friends. They don’t give a rip about kids, only about furthering their own political agenda. Let’s hope the DA decides to prosecute when all the facts are reviewed.

    1. When the superintendent covers up perjury against his employees he can not be called an ethical leader. When the school board enables his actions they can only be called corrupt

  2. David Vierra is worth every penny.
    Victoria Ruffin on the other hand is a theif and a liar.
    Her day will come.

  3. ¿ Do we really need this overpaid individual ? Let’s offer him $200,000.00 per year and see if he’s really committed to his job. And by the way, when was the last time he taught in a classroom ?

  4. Your article says he makes over 350,000 but his contract days 299,…
    I have several grandkids who have graduated from AVUHSD and am very proud of all 4 college graduates. I thank the AVUHSD for their focus on equity and college focus.

    Thank you Dr. Vierra!!!!!

      1. It’s not as though it was done in secret. His income was discussed at open board meetings, unlike the meetings held by the three stooges on the board (less the one who just resigned).

  5. I missed you reporting that Bob Davis lives in Prescott, AZ. In addition, when was the last time the board objected to a pay raise for the Superintendent?

    1. You should probably remove the meeting minutes for that question, but, with 95% of agenda items being approved 3-2, my guess is every raise requested has been awarded.

  6. Can you please spell check and proofread this letter? It is a kick against an educational institution…but this letter is not very educated. This detracts from your argument.

    1. Hi Teagan,

      We aren’t the grammar police, we publish letters to the editor as is. Perhaps you should worry more about the contents of the letter as opposed to speaking on frivolous points to hear yourself talk.

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