Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Why did the city of Compton rehire Michael Antwine?

  1. We better make sure we vote ALL of their corrupt asses out on election day. DO NOT leave even one in office!

  2. Here are the answers to your question.
    1. Compton “recycle” trash. People you don’t see for years comes back in to work in city hall and everyone be like,
    You hear the Michael Anwtine came back as asst city manager? You fuking kidding me. Why the hell he come back here? Mo money stupid ass. He killing it at $180,000 a year. You think your stupid ass won’t do it for that money. Shhhiiiiiittttt.

    2. Check out that pic of Mikey. Slick ass suit with the hand in the pocket look. Muthafucker looks like kanye west. Thats hardcore and makes all the old ass ladies o the council shiver and shit.

    3. Aja brown, roger haley, and michael antwine – son in law. Birds of a feather all shit together

    4. Craig cornwell was eating cereal in the morning and looks at the cereal box and asked- where’s Mikey?
    Michael antwine goes – niggie, I’m your front door. What u wanna talk about?

    5. Michael antwine is a very likable person. He just dont know shit but when you pay him $180,000 dollars, he becomes smarter than a muthafucker. He got answers to everything and i mean everything. What time is it? Time for you ass to get a watch. He is THAT smart.

  3. My resting head (Mayor Aja Brown) hired Michael to make him City Controller. Aja had to send council lady Chambers to stress her out into quitting first. Let’s run down the list of a new day in compton so far:

    1.make weakling emma sharif think we like her by making her mayor pro-tem
    2.keep hubcity dre busy by giving him his first ever job at 38 years old
    3.find a fool (city attorney Damon brown) thats willing to openly live in pomona while being city attorney in compton.
    4.hide chief of staff in grants department and hire new babysitter. welcome to city hall Candace leos.
    5. fill in the blank
    6. fill in the blank
    7. fill in the blank
    8. fill in the blank
    9. fill in the blank
    10. fill in the blank

    SEND ALL EVIDENCE OF ILLEGAL ACTIONS of this crime triangle TO MARK HANNA, United States Department of Justice

    -Aja’s Wig

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